Babbitt Bearings

KJR has been providing premium equipment, parts, and services to the Energy industry since 2004.

Babbitt Bearings

Our services include but not limited to: Centrifugal casting of bearings from 2” bore diameter up to 72” outside diameter and up to 7,000 #.

Fusion Babbitting Company

Founded in 1989, Fusion Babbitting is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and are in compliance with 10CFR50 Appendix B (Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants) and services many OEMs in re-babbitting as well as manufacturing of new bearings.  Fusion can perform centrifugal casting of bearings from 2” bore diameter up to 72” outside diameter up to 7,000 # and can perform TIG welding; static pouring; hydrostatic and ultrasonic testing; and dye penetrant inspection.  Fusion guarantees 98 to 100 percent bond to the bearing shell and only uses ASTM grades of “virgin tin base babbitt” in its bearing refurbishments and manufacture process.  Fusion also ultrasonically tests all bearings. 

Fusion manufactures and refurbishes the following: Three Lobed Bearings, Plain Journal Bearings. Babbitt Liners, Exciter Bearings, Fan Bearings, Fan Motor Bearings, Generator Bearings, Motor Bearings, Oil Deflector Seals, Pump Bearings, Tapered Land Thrust Plates and Thrust Shoes, Tilt Pad (journal/thrust) Bearings, Trunion Bearings, Turbine Bearings, 3 piece Upper & Lower  Guide Bearings.  Fusion can also perform in-house metalized arc spray to restore worn or damaged bearing seat areas.


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