Cooling Towers

New Units, Repairs, Parts, Fan Stacks or Treated Lumber. We have you covered.

Cooling Towers

We offer new cooling towers, cooling tower reconstruction, thermal upgrades, cooling tower emergency repair, and cooling tower replacement parts and components which includes: fabricate & treat lumber, FRP profiles to replace existing lumber and manufactures fan stacks.

Midwest Cooling Towers Inc.

Founded in 2014, Midwest Cooling Towers, a woman owned business, offers the best values in evaporative water cooling towers for new construction, cooling tower reconstruction or thermal upgrades, cooling tower emergency repair, and cooling tower replacement parts and components.  Midwest and their partners include, but not limited to: Amarillo Gear Company, Beetle Plastics, Brentwood Industries, C.E. Shepherd, Hudson Products, Rexnord and Strongwell conduct large scale volumes of business together and as a result Midwest receives generous discounts on cooling tower parts that they purchase and can then comfortably pass more great value and savings onto your company.  

Midwest’s team will work with you through all stages of your cooling tower project; i.e. design, budgeting, planning and installation.  Midwest can also help you with cooling tower thermal performance testing, cooling tower inspections, cooling tower optimization and upgrades and even temporary cooling towers.  Midwest also designs, manufactures and installs fiberglass maintenance access platforms for cooling tower fan gearboxes.


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