Toshiba America Energy Systems

 Founded in 2015, Toshiba America Energy Systems Corporation (TAES), headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, provides complete turnkey services for all OEM turbine/generator equipment for the energy industry in the Americas, including thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants. TAES North America Service Center is located in the historic Allis-Chalmers facility located in West Allis, Wisconsin which has over 160,000 square foot of manufacturing and service space and has 300 ton lifting capability. TAES capabilities include but not limited to: 150 ton large balance and overspeed bunker, new turbine/generator equipment manufacture, retrofits, generator rotor & stator rewinds and repairs, new generator retaining rings manufacture, turbine repairs and reverse engineered parts manufacture, CNC large machining, finite element analysis, maintenance, outage planning for thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants. TAES can assist customers in optimizing their plant operations, planning/scheduling service and parts replacement, offering one-stop solutions through localized operations, shared services, collaboration with sister businesses in the Toshiba family (one contact and one contract). TAES extensive service offerings cover all major OEM steam turbine/generator units.

Midwest Cooling Towers Inc

Founded in 2014, Midwest Cooling Towers is a Woman-Owned Business that offers the best values in evaporative water cooling towers.  Midwest’s team will work with you through all stages of your cooling tower project; i.e. design, budgeting, planning and installation of new cooling towers, reconstruction, thermal upgrades, thermal performance testing, emergency repairs, inspections, provide temporary cooling towers and replacement parts and components which includes but not limited to: (fabricate & treat lumber, FRP profiles to replace existing lumber, nozzles, manufacture fan stacks).  Midwest also designs, manufactures and installs fiberglass maintenance access platforms for cooling tower fan gearboxes.  Midwest and their partners (include, but not limited to: Amarillo Gear Company, Beetle Plastics, Brentwood Industries, C.E. Shepherd, Hudson Products, Rexnord and Strongwell) conduct large scale volumes of business together as a result Midwest receives generous discounts on cooling tower parts that they purchase and can then comfortably pass more great value and savings onto your company. 


Beetle Plastics LLC (A Midwest Cooling Towers Company)

Founded in 1950s, Beetle Plastics is a Woman-Owned Business that provides engineering, manufacturing and installation of a wide line of fiberglass reinforced piping (FRP), composite piping, cooling tower header and distribution system piping and ductwork from 0.500” to 14’ diameter.  Beetle Plastics also manufacturesAbrasion Resistant Pipe & Ductwork which can be used in the following applications: lime slurry, fly-ash slurries, bottom-ash service areas, along with other extremely abrasive conditions.  They also manufacture all of the specialty and common thermoset resin products each with specific corrosion and service advantages. 

Fusion Babbitting Company

Founded in 1989, Fusion Babbitting Co, Inc. is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and are in compliance with 10CFR50 Appendix B (Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants) and services many OEMs in re-babbitting as well as manufacturing of new bearings.  Their services include but not limited to: Centrifugal casting of bearings from 2” bore diameter up to 72” outside diameter and up to 7,000 #; In-house metalized arc spray to restore worn or damaged bearing seat areas; CNC and manual machining up to 120” OD; TIG welding; static pouring; hydrostatic; ultrasonic testing and dye penetrant inspection.  Fusion also guarantees 98% to 100% bond to the bearing shell and only uses ASTM grades of “virgin tin base babbitt” in its bearing refurbishments and manufacture process.  Fusion also ultrasonically tests all bearings.

Fusion manufactures and refurbishes the following: Three Lobed Bearings, Plain Journal Bearings. Babbitt Liners, Exciter Bearings, Fan Bearings, Fan Motor Bearings, Generator Bearings, Motor Bearings, Oil Deflector Seals, Pump Bearings, Tapered Land Thrust Plates and Thrust Shoes, Tilt Pad (journal/thrust) Bearings, Trunion Bearings, Turbine Bearings, 3 piece Upper & Lower Guide Bearings. 

General Equipment & Supply

Founded in 1986, GE&S provides New and Reconditioned Contractor Equipment and Supplies and is an authorized repair center for Greenlee and Ridgid equipment.  GE&S can rent, sell, buy/trade and find hard to locate tools and equipment. GE&S provides a 40-60% savings off the new price for reconditioned equipment and most equipment sold has a one year parts/labor warranty.  Equipment includes, but not limited to: Air Equipment, Conduit Bending, Cable Pulling, Cable Termination, Generators, Hand Tools, Hoists, Jacks, Lifts, Material Handling, Power Distribution, Pipe Equipment, Power Tools, Safety and Storage Equipment, Testing Equipment, Welding Equipment and Accessories.


Industrial Machinery Services

Founded in 2016, Industrial Machinery Services (IMS) offers both state of the art Shop Services at their facility and Mobilized Field Service teams for on-site work around the world.  Their services include but not limited to: On-Site CNC Machining and Boring, Balance of Plant & Steam Valve Repair, Pump Repair, Gearbox Repair, Shaft and Journal Repair, Maintenance & Machining, Stud Removal & Replacement, Stud Hole Restoration, Small and Large Scale Flange Facing and Emergency Outages.  Laser Scanning FARO Arm and SolidWorks to perform complex engineering and inspection.  Reverse Engineered Parts Manufacture for shafts, bearing pedestals, rollers and other precision equipment. IMS has a large selection of CNC lathes, CNC mills along with large milling and VTL capabilities and advanced welding capabilities that include MIG, TIG, Hot Wire TIG and conventional stick welding.  Performs On-Site and Shop Welding (including specialized welding like Inconel and Deep Hole Advanced Welding Processes).  IMS can also perform numerous repairs on Uptower Wind Turbines.


Lift-It Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Founded in 1979, Lift-It is ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D certified and manufactures a complete line of synthetic webbing, round and high performance fiber, Twin-Path® Extra Slings.  Lift-It can also provide the following: Web, Round, Chain, Mesh Slings, Nets, Material Handling, Spreader Bars, Tie Downs, Lever & Chain Hoists, Hoist Rings and Shackles, Fall Prevention, Cordage, RFID, Plate Clamps and SlingMax Products.  Lift-It can also inspect, load test and requalify your current safety equipment for future use.  Lift-It has also trained thousands of sling users and inspectors through the Lift-It® sling and rigging program.  Semi-annual conferences are held in Pamona, CA and on-site programs are readily available.

Ultra Fiberglass Systems

Founded in 1985, Ultra is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is one of the top distributors of super structural fiberglass shapes, i.e. angle, channel, I-beam, wide flange beam, round tube, square tube, flat sheet, concrete embedment angle, threaded rods/nuts.  Ultra has become the premier manufacturer of fiberglass ladders, grating, platforms, staircases, fiberglass structural, handrail, tank, pipe and pump supports and all other custom fiberglass fabrications.  Fiberglass has the following advantages: corrosion resistant, anti-slip gritted top surface, low maintenance, non-conductive, UV protected for outdoor environments, fire retardant, lighter weight than steel and also less expensive.  Many of these products have been used by Industrial and Power Generation facilities for Maintenance and Operations and has improved safety in the workplace.


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